Personal, Professional Service from Start to Finish. Mr. Sharp was available to consult on a moments notice, over the weekend. Thankfully he was because I literally retained his services hours before the State of SC filed charges against me. Facing almost certain jail time, Mr. Sharp was able to represent on my behalf to have this reduced to some fines and classes. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in the South Carolina area who, unfortunately has found themselves in legal trouble.


Would very much recommend. Patrick is an impeccable lawyer. He works for a very well known and respected firm and is very knowledgeable about the field he works in. He is both professional and personable. While having Patrick represent me, he negotiate with the officer as well as solicitor. He kept me abundantly informed so I never misunderstood what the situation was. He would always consult me and express his plans for the next steps in the process. The final outcome was minimal and I much appreciate the time, effort, and help he put in for my case. Would very much recommend.


Highly Recommended. Pat is a family friend of my uncle and I hired him to help me during a very difficult time. I would recommend him to anyone- he made the legal process quick & easy. I was so pleased with the outcome of my case, all thanks to Pat.


Very professional, knows what he's doing. Patrick is my criminal defense attorney, he's well rounded and very knowledgeable. Hiring him was the right choice, all charges dropped. Excellent service.


Very knowledgeable. Reliable. Great results. I would recommend Pat Sharpe for any criminal issue in the Columbia area.


Dedicated Hardworking To Results